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In 1992, the United States Air Force brought me from upstate New York to Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas to continue my four-year commitment which I now view as fate. I spent many weekends in the Vegas sports books, fueling my desire to be a professional sports handicapper — a desire planted in me at a young age while betting quarters on Yankees games with my grandmother.

People wanted to share how they could help me win big. I would observe, listen, learn, and listen some more. I have spent years trying to understand the psychology of gambling and the people it consumes; I learned quickly of the figureheads and self-promoters of the city’s major handicapping services, most claiming to have “insider information.” Through failure, I learned there are people who want nothing more than to steal society’s money, and sell a dream of winning big using their ‘inside information’. The problem: Their information is nothing more than a dart board in the back office, or a quarter on the desk. My favorite is the handicapping services’ that give out both sides of a sporting event, knowing they will make at least 50 percent of their client base happy.

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