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Dana Lane Hands Fold
In 1992, the United States Air Force brought me from upstate New York to Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas to continue my four-year commitment which I now view as fate. I spent many weekends in the Vegas sports books, fueling my desire to be a professional sports handicapper — a desire planted in me at a young age while betting quarters on Yankees games with my grandmother.

People wanted to share how they could help me win big. I would observe, listen, learn, and listen some more. I have spent years trying to understand the psychology of gambling and the people it consumes; I learned quickly of the figureheads and self-promoters of the city’s major handicapping services, most claiming to have “insider information.” Through failure, I learned there are people who want nothing more than to steal society’s money, and sell a dream of winning big using their “inside information.” The problem: Their information is nothing more than a dart board in the back office, or a quarter on the desk. My favorite is the handicapping services’ that give out both sides of a sporting event, knowing they will make at least 50 percent of their client base happy.

I would use my love of sports, numbers, and discipline to be better.

I became passionate about educating others. I not only wanted to help people win, I wanted to make a difference. I owe it to my daughter to practice what I preach. You see, I truly believe that professional handicapping should be just that: professional. To me, it is about caring and keeping my word. Wagering is so much more than statistics, and wins and losses. Wagering is a world of money management, discipline, work ethic, and yes, perhaps a little luck.

By utilizing these tools, I believe that I have become the best handicapper in the world.

That’s not an arrogant statement. It’s what I believe and I haven’t yet been proven wrong. If I find someone better they will be working alongside me in 2014.

I’ve appeared on FOX Sports Radio 920 Las Vegas with Michael Campanella (“Vegas Wise”), ESPN Radio 1100 Las Vegas (“The Vegas Sportsline”) with Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans and Sportsxradio 720 KDWN Las Vegas with Ken Thomson, KDWN 1100 with Jorge Gonzalez (Vegas Wise), KNPR, Los Angeles, and CBS Sports radio 1100, Las Vegas (Over and Under Show).

I’ve also hosted and co-hosted sports shows during my 21 years in Las Vegas on 840 KVEG (“I Love Baseball,”, “The Sports Party”), 1140 KRLV (“The Dana Lane Show”), and 720 KDWN (“Stardust Line”). I’m consistently featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal’s “Hot Corner” and have been subject matter for Las Vegas Review-Journal sports writers Ron Kantowski , Todd Dewey, and LVRJ columnist John L. Smith. I’m a full time writer for Sin Bin Las Vegas who focuses on the NHL coming to Las Vegas. All my plays are monitored by and am featured on many handicapping web sites.

I have worked for UNLV, the Las Vegas Stars of the Pacific Coast League, the Las Vegas Thunder of the International Hockey League, the Utica Devils of the American Hockey League; I have been a high school football stringer for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and have broadcast junior college basketball in Herkimer, New York.

This is what I will do for you.

I will never abuse your trust. I will be honest without unreasonable claims or promises you that you will change your life with a “500 unit bomb”. But if you manage your money and wager the way I tell you, I will increase your bankroll.

I invite you to come back to this site daily. As we grow, the site will feature statistics and trends and my personal record, in the history section.

So that’s a little bit about me. I would like to invite you to work with me. Together we will develop a winning strategy that will help you accomplish your goals.